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    Twenty Pounds Gone!! 

    Ahhhhh!!! Can you believe it?! I can’t!!

    Four weeks and down twenty pounds! I wish I could put into words how truly excited I am… no seriously guys.. I’m gonna cry from happiness!

    So here’s the question: how did I do it?

    If I could tell you that there was some miracle out there that lets you eat whatever you want, not workout, and lose weight.. that’s not the case! The honest truth is that you have to work HARD!! I’m not talking about working out two days a week and eating greasy burgers because that WILL NOT help you lose weight!!

    So what is next for me?? Well I still have 130 pounds to lose but that isn’t all!! No sir, no make!! I am currently training to run a 5K marathon!! Eeepp!! I’m so excited yet deathly afraid!!

    Do you run? Have you lost weight over the past four weeks?? What is your goal???

    Stay beautiful by sweet sweet geeks!!


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    Breakfast- Meal of the Gods! 

    Hey guys! How are ya’ll today? How’s the journey coming?? Swell I hope!! I figured I would talk to you about something that I hate with a passion- breakfast! Breakfast? Yes, Breakfast!


    There is nothing worse than getting up in the mornings and smelling food! It makes my stomach roll every time! BUT as I said above- it is the meal of the Gods! Breakfast is like Zeus casting a lightning bolt straight to your metabolism to shock the thing to life! (and yes I know that was extremely nerdy)


    Breakfast isn’t just the first thing you stuff down your throat to fill that empty hole in your stomach when you wake up, it is so much more important than that. Choosing the right thing for breakfast really does make a difference in how your diet for the rest of the day will go. Only a week ago I would wake up, grab a bag of chips and a soda then flop down in front of the tv. What do I have now? Well yesterday I had scrambled eggs with a tiny bit of turkey sausage and just a dash of ketchup (it is good.. like really) and today… well today didn’t go to well! I had the worst craving for chips when I woke up and I couldn’t kick it so I allowed myself five baked chips. Now of course that’s not all I ate but I had to get over the craving right then or I would have caved tonight and stuffed my face! So what else did I eat? I ate a bowl of cereal with almond milk. The total calorie count of the cereal and milk is right around 225 calories and is full of fiber so I won’t get hungry before lunch and demolish that bag of chips… maybe.. just kidding but that does bring up another good point: Having your cake and eating it too. I think that will be my next topic!


    Let me know how you’re doing!


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    The Elephant in the Room 

    THREE HUNDRED POUNDS! Yes, you just read that right! I am currently 300 pounds!

    Now, I’m assuming that when you read that you reacted one of three ways: 1.) You’re one of those horrid people who thinks that all fat people are simply lazy and disgusting, 2.) You were once my size and know that my journey is not going to be easy, or 3.) You are thinking about losing the weight and want to see how someone else is handling it!  Did I get it right? Are you one of these three people? Well hold on because I’m going to speak to each and everyone of you!

    For all of you out there that think fat is a choice… Sweetheart do I have news for you! Whether or not you’re aware of it there are those of us out there that were not handed the drive and determination that you might have. We are the ones that have to work just a little harder, that have to push that extra mile to get to were you are! If you want to wake up one day and see the world around you full of happy, healthy people then I suggest being supportive to anyone willing to put themselves out there and take those first few baby steps. With all THAT being said, you are now dismissed. Sound mean? Good, because this is not the place for you. This is a place to love and nurture those brave enough to change their lifestyles and shed pounds until they are proud! Go on now, get out of here!

    Do you fall into category two? Were you once overweight and now live a healthy life? Please share your story below! Encourage me and everyone else out there! Remember back to when you first started your journey and let your heart pour out to us so that we know there is another side to life!

    Fat. Unwanted. Blobby. Hefty. Pudgy. I’m sure you have felt and heard all the words that I just wrote. I know that I have so let me just say this: YOU and ONLY YOU can change yourself! Only you can can decided that it is time for a change! I have made up my mind and come hell or high water I will shed this weight!

    I know, I know! Its hard! I understand! Let me tell you a bit of my story so that you can see were I’m coming from. Will that help put you at ease?

    My name is Claisha (that’s Clay-shu) and I’m from a tiny little town in Mississippi where Jesus and fried foods are king. Life started out as normally as most can but when I was three I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. What is that? Basically it is a condition where your Thyroid is under active and it usually causes (if not from the condition itself then from the medicine to treat it) weight gain.

      After I was diagnosed nothing really changed in life for me except for the fact that I continued to gain weight despite being enrolled in soccer at a young age and going through diet after diet that my doctor put me one. Eventually I was pushing the 150 mark by the time I was leaving elementary school even though I’d out grown my condition at age 12.

    Everyday of school for me was torture! I would go into the bathroom sometimes just to cry because I couldn’t handle what the kids were saying about me. It was the most miserable time in my life! Finally my mother agreed to let me change schools and start over fresh somewhere I wasn’t known as the “quiet fat girl in the corner”. (I have the best mother in the world by the way!)

      Enter a new school, new friends, and new opportunities! After only half a year I was already swimming in new douses of confidence! I tried out for color guard, joined a few clubs, and realized that I wasn’t meant to be that quiet person in the corner! I was loud, funny, and a bit strange at times but the most amazing thing? I started to loose weight from practicing so much because I was in love with color guard! I rose up quickly and even started choreographing routines!

    Then it all kind of went down hill. I was performing one night when I was pulled off the field and told that my dad had been rushed to the hospital because of a stroke (sounds life a Lifetime movie doesn’t it). The next day we found out that it wasn’t a stroke at all but was actually brain, lung, liver, and spinal cancer.

    Six months later my father was gone from this life and I started to gain my weight back ten fold. Life was really hard but there was a silver lining: I was dating someone! I was so in love that nothing could shake me but what I wasn’t realizing was that we were both shoveling food in our mouths every time we would go out together! Depression snuck back up on me and I started to self destruct with the added stress of trying to be perfect all of the time so that I could earn the love of God.

    Somehow I managed to hold it together for two years until I graduated high school and started cosmetology school fresh, new, and single! I lived for the first time in two years! I went to parties and concerts and became friends with some strange characters! There where some sluts, lesbians, atheists, gay men, and even a few older ladies that really pulled me under their wings and taught me so much! There was so much more than the little retirement town that I’d grown up in! But what about your weight? My weight was still there unfortunately and growing everyday!

    Nine months after I started cosmetology school I met a guy through the Internet (World of Warcraft to be more exact) who three months later became my fiancé! We had only seen each other twice before he asked for my hand in marriage but he taught me something no one else ever did. He taught me that there are people out there who don’t care about your size (he is 5’6 and 130lbs on a good day)!

    Two months later I became Mrs. Edward Roshto and a month after that we found out that I was pregnant with our son! Off the the doctor we went and there is where I realized just how much I’d let myself go! The scale at three weeks pregnant read 235! I made a vow to myself not to go over 250 while I was pregnant but that was all over with then I was informed that I had toxemia! Before I knew it I was 285 lbs!

    I had my son in June of last year and he is the best thing to ever happen to me and everyday revolves around him but now its me time! Its time for me to loose this weight! Why? What is your motivation?

    First of all you need to understand that motivation is all about you! You will not loose the weight if you are doing it for someone else!! My motivation is simple and selfish: I want to show up at 2015 San Diego Comic Con and cosplay something sexy! You may not understand my reasons and you don’t have to but you MUST find your motivation!

    I’ll keep you updated on my progress but for now stay strong and beautiful!

    – Claisha

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      Love your honesty! I’d say I’m option 2 (but will admit my start point differed). Block out the option 1s, and with weight loss in general, don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂

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