Twenty Pounds Gone!!

Ahhhhh!!! Can you believe it?! I can’t!!

Four weeks and down twenty pounds! I wish I could put into words how truly excited I am… no seriously guys.. I’m gonna cry from happiness!

So here’s the question: how did I do it?

If I could tell you that there was some miracle out there that lets you eat whatever you want, not workout, and lose weight.. that’s not the case! The honest truth is that you have to work HARD!! I’m not talking about working out two days a week and eating greasy burgers because that WILL NOT help you lose weight!!

So what is next for me?? Well I still have 130 pounds to lose but that isn’t all!! No sir, no make!! I am currently training to run a 5K marathon!! Eeepp!! I’m so excited yet deathly afraid!!

Do you run? Have you lost weight over the past four weeks?? What is your goal???

Stay beautiful by sweet sweet geeks!!