Hell Week!!


No, I didn’t pledge to a sorority but that probably would have been less exhausting!

So.. what is this hell week I speak of??

Hell week is that first week you decided to take your fitness to another level! For me it was my first week making my transition from working out at home to pushing myself in the gym! Trust me it was brutal!!

The first three days I went I came home and crashed.. completely. It was kinda like.. hmm let me see here… okay, because I am half asleep right now and my brain isn’t jumping around I will compare hell week to any movie montage you’ve ever seen where the protagonist is wimpy…. I GOT ONE!! Hell week is like Peter in the new Spiderman! You know?? He comes home with bruises and scrapes because he is trying to figure everything out!!

Why am I rambling on about Spiderman and hell week when you can easily just follow along with a video from home?? Because 7 times out of 10 you’re not giving it your all!

Being in a gym, for me, forces me to push myself to go that extra mile or another five minutes (it’s because I’m competitive). It also allows me to get away for a little while and just let my worries escape into the wind.

So tell me.. do you prefer to workout at home? In the gym? Do you remember your personal hell week?? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Until next time!