Breakfast- Meal of the Gods!

Hey guys! How are ya’ll today? How’s the journey coming?? Swell I hope!! I figured I would talk to you about something that I hate with a passion- breakfast! Breakfast? Yes, Breakfast!


There is nothing worse than getting up in the mornings and smelling food! It makes my stomach roll every time! BUT as I said above- it is the meal of the Gods! Breakfast is like Zeus casting a lightning bolt straight to your metabolism to shock the thing to life! (and yes I know that was extremely nerdy)


Breakfast isn’t just the first thing you stuff down your throat to fill that empty hole in your stomach when you wake up, it is so much more important than that. Choosing the right thing for breakfast really does make a difference in how your diet for the rest of the day will go. Only a week ago I would wake up, grab a bag of chips and a soda then flop down in front of the tv. What do I have now? Well yesterday I had scrambled eggs with a tiny bit of turkey sausage and just a dash of ketchup (it is good.. like really) and today… well today didn’t go to well! I had the worst craving for chips when I woke up and I couldn’t kick it so I allowed myself five baked chips. Now of course that’s not all I ate but I had to get over the craving right then or I would have caved tonight and stuffed my face! So what else did I eat? I ate a bowl of cereal with almond milk. The total calorie count of the cereal and milk is right around 225 calories and is full of fiber so I won’t get hungry before lunch and demolish that bag of chips… maybe.. just kidding but that does bring up another good point: Having your cake and eating it too. I think that will be my next topic!


Let me know how you’re doing!